What CH Means to Me by Tiffany Moy

Family, a place to make memories and a business that truly would do whatever it took to bring a smile to their customers.

I remember the first day I walked into the Corner House Cafe. If felt like magic.  It was everything I wanted in a cafe.  It was cute, full of sunlight and flowers.  The coffee was yum and the food was made to perfection.  I wanted to be more than a customer so I applied for a job. While working at the cafe I’ve had some amazing conversations, met incredible people and probably had some of the best laughs of my life.  The memories that were made are irreplaceable.  Jacki was more than a boss, she was a work mom and a friend to us all.  Its’ be a pleasure being apart of this community.

3 thoughts on “What CH Means to Me by Tiffany Moy

  1. Hello! I am Jennifer married to John Edgar we’re head of the Coffee Cruiser’s motorcycle group. We go there Saturday morning’s as our schedule allows this was one of the prettiest coffee shop we’ve ever been too along with great coffee and sandwiches. John and I were Married there Last May, this was so upsetting that you had to close. I hope in the close future your open again we’d like to return on our Anniversary. Thank you


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