What CH Means to Me by Jacki Mariest

For me, Corner House means home. Home is where you gather with family and friends. It’s where you share stories with one another, laughter, tears, celebrate triumphs and commiserate on setbacks. I am blessed to have been here at the Corner House for almost 4 years and it has been a privilege. I have metContinue reading “What CH Means to Me by Jacki Mariest”

What CH Means to Me by Tiffany Moy

Family, a place to make memories and a business that truly would do whatever it took to bring a smile to their customers. I remember the first day I walked into the Corner House Cafe. If felt like magic.  It was everything I wanted in a cafe.  It was cute, full of sunlight and flowers.  The coffee wasContinue reading “What CH Means to Me by Tiffany Moy”

What CH Means to Me by Emily Schneider

What the CHC means to me… Corner House Cafe is a place where growth happens personally and professionally because of the family that has been created within the team and customers.  I truly believe it is the most diverse and welcoming atmosphere to walk in. For two and a half years it has made myContinue reading “What CH Means to Me by Emily Schneider”

What CH Means to Me by Debbie Helton

What Corner House Café Means to Me  I was happily retired , (or so I thought) Then I met Jacki . I used to visit with her at the café and have coffee or lunch or brunch or dessert  And a strange thing happened  I felt myself being drawn to the corner house café constantly. Continue reading “What CH Means to Me by Debbie Helton”